Car Battery Analyzer Autel MaxiBAS BT506

Autel MaxiBAS BT506 Car Battery Tester & Analyzer Know Everything About Your Vehicle Battery and Charging System The Autel MaxiBAS BT506 is a battery and electrical system analysis tool. It employs advanced adaptive conductivity battery analysis methods to more accurately check the cold start capacity and spare capacity of the...

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Autel MaxiBAS BT506 Car Battery Tester & Analyzer

Know Everything About Your Vehicle Battery and Charging System

The Autel MaxiBAS BT506 is a battery and electrical system analysis tool. It employs advanced adaptive conductivity battery analysis methods to more accurately check the cold start capacity and spare capacity of the battery, which is important for determining the true health of the battery. The MaxiBAS BT506 Battery Tester enables technicians to view the health of a vehicle's battery and electrical systems. Download the free, easy-to-use battery test mobile app for IOS and Android devices. Used with the BT506 Battery Analyzer, the app completes battery, boot, and charge system tests and displays test results. The Autel BT506 can also be used with the latest autel premium models such as MS906s, MS906 Pro, MS906 Pro-TS, Ms Elite II tablets as a complement to battery testing and alternator testing.

Highlights of the Autel BT506 Car Battery Analyzer

♥Supports in-vehicle and out-of-vehicle testing.

Test 6 volt and 12 volt batteries: 100 - 2000 CCA.

Test the 12 and 24 boot/charge systems.

Tests for fluid-rich, AGM, AGM spiral, EFB, and GEL batteries.

Compatible with CCA, CA, SAE, EN, IEC, DIN, JIS and MCA.

Creative adaptive conductance with 95% accuracy.

Displays test records in tabular form, providing a summary review of the tests and vehicle and/or batteries.

PDF repair reports for easy viewing, sharing, and printing.

Free software updates that are permanently valid.

Purchase the Autel VCI V200P to upgrade the BT506 to the BT508 for one car brand of battery reset, battery replacement, and full system fault scanning.

Adaptive conductivity technology, analysis accuracy of more than 95%.

Car Battery Analyzer

What is adaptive conductance?

The Autel Battery Tester MaxiBAS Series uses adaptive conductivity [$1,000 worth of technology] to measure the conductivity health of a battery. Low-frequency alternating current is sent to the battery to determine its remaining plate area. The advantage of this method over ordinary load testers is that it is able to perform multiple tests without draining the battery and is able to test batteries that are underpowered or almost completely discharged. The Autel automotive battery tool BT506 also uses adaptive conductance to test the battery's companion components, alternators and starters to see if they can charge and store power.

In simple terms, it is:

Detection of low-capacity batteries, bad battery detection rate 100%

Reduce battery misdiagnosis and retesting

Diagnose low-capacity or fully discharged batteries

Reduce battery misdiagnosis, and the analysis accuracy rate is more than 95%.

Car Battery Analyzer

Autol MaxiBAS BT506, incredibly powerful

Universal battery testing

The Autel MaxiBAS BT506 Digital Battery Load Test Tool supports on-board and out-of-vehicle testing of 6 and 12 volt, 100-2000 CCA, fluid-rich, AGM, AGM Spiral, EFB and GEL batteries and is compatible with major battery testing standards CCA, CA, SAE, EN, IEC, DIN, JIS and MCA. It can test almost any vehicle battery, such as a car, boat, motorcycle or any other means of transportation.

Battery test results include a color-coded summary of results, a list of test data, and repair tips.

Getting Started Test

Autel MaxiBAS BT506 can check the working status of the car starter, it can help you test and analyze the actual needed start-up current and start-up voltage to check if the starter is working properly.

Generator testing

With the Auto Battery Scanning Tool BT506, you can check and analyze the status of the charging system to know if the output voltage of the generator is normal, whether the diode is working properly, avoid damaging the battery, shorten the battery life due to overcharging or incomplete charging.

The simplest operation for users

Car Battery Analyzer

On-screen description

New to Battery Testers? Don't worry at all! The Autel BT506 provides detailed step-by-step instructions that make battery diagnostics easy by simply following the on-screen instructions.

Automatic identification of the battery type

Clip the BT506 to the car battery, automatically fill the vehicle information, and pop up the battery information tab from the bottom of the screen, select the correct battery parameters on the screen for diagnosis.

Polarity protection

The BT506's metal clip has short circuit protection, so you don't have to worry about connecting the positive and negative poles in reverse.

Easy repair report sharing

The Battery Test application can save a history of repair reports in a diagnostic session. You can also generate remediation reports in PDF format for easy viewing, sharing, and printing.

More exploration, endless possibilities

Car Battery Analyzer

Upgradeable to BT508

Want more features? Purchase the Autel VCI V200P to upgrade the BT506 to the BT508 to be able to perform battery resets, battery replacements, and system-wide fault scanning for one car brand

An important addition to autotel's latest scanners

Already have an Autel scanner? The Autel BT506 will be an important complement to detailed vehicle battery health diagnostics. It is compatible with the latest models such as the Autel Maxisys MS906 Pro, MS906 Pro-TS, MS Elite 2, etc. to perform full battery, boot, and charging system checks.

Free updates for life

Check regularly for the latest firmware updates, and you can download free software updates that are valid for life to keep your BT506 scanner up to date.


Item Description
Connectivity USB 2.0, Type C
Bluetooth   V3.0 BR/EDR+ V4.2 LE Dual-Mode
Input Voltage 5 V DC
Working Current < 150 mA at 12 V DC
Internal Battery N/A
CCA Range 100 to 2000 A
Voltage Range 6 to 36 V
Working Temperature -10°to 50° C (14° to 122° F)
Storage Temperature -20° to 60° C (-4° to 140° F)
Dimension (L x W x H) 107 mm (4.21“) x 75 mm (2.95”) x 26 mm (1.02”) (clamp   cable not included)
Weight 320 g (0.7 lb.)
Car Battery Analyzer Autel MaxiBAS BT506
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